Turmeric Tonic (Organic), 3.5 Oz Powder

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Immune Elixir

  • Targets and strengthens a healthy immune system*
  • Supports a healthy throat*

Keeping the throat healthy and comfortable has resounding benefits for the health of the immune system. Inspired by the age-old practice of gargling with salt water, this bitter and slightly salty herbal elixir harnesses powerful Ayurvedic ingredients including turmeric, ginger, and pippali, as well as mineral salt. These ingredients target and strengthen a healthy immune system while supporting a healthy throat.

True to the inspiration behind the creation of this formula, Turmeric Tonic can be gargled in warm or hot water and then swallowed, or it can be prepared as a concentrated wellness shot. This immune-boosting formula can be taken to maintain overall health, as well as any time you want extra support.*

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