Turmeric (Organic), 500 mg, 90 Tablets

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Supports Digestion and Overall Health and Well-Being*

  • Cleanses the blood and promotes healthy skin*
  • Strengthens digestion and promotes healthy intestinal flora*
  • Supports comfortable movement of the joints*

This popular golden yellow spice, commonly used as a powder to flavor Asian dishes, now offers its broad range of beneficial properties in tablet form. Turmeric's vast health-promoting effects have become the topic of study in many universities and labs. It bolsters the immune system and brain, purifies the blood, and promotes clear, healthy skin. An excellent spice for those with kapha constitutions or imbalances, turmeric strengthens digestion, eliminates natural toxins from the GI tract, and supports proper function of the pancreas. Turmeric also soothes and nourishes the joint tissue and promotes comfortable movement, while it supports proper function of the heart and helps clear the srotas (subtle channels).*

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