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Spiru-Tein High Protein Energy Meal, Chocolate Flavor, 2.1 lb Powder

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Chocolate SPIRU-TEIN® Shake

Available Sizes:
Product No. 4570 - 1.05 lbs. / 476g Can (17 Servings)
Product No. 4571 - 2.1 lbs. / 952g Can (34 Servings)
Product No. 99966 - 5 lbs. /2267g Can (81 Servings)
Product No. 45831 - .99 oz. / 28g Single Serving Packet
Product No. 95831 - 8 Single Serve Packets

Gluten Free, Vegetarian,

Rich in flavor and nutrition - that's SPIRU-TEIN®! One of life's true pleasures is enjoying a delicious treat you know is good for you in every way. NaturesPlus is especially proud of its entire line of SPIRU-TEIN® products. With zero fat, SPIRU-TEIN® delivers a healthy infusion of plant-based protein, along with other essential nutrients. SPIRU-TEIN® Energy Shakes now feature our pioneering, patent-pending Tri-Part Protein Blend of non-GMO rice protein, pea protein, and both non-fermented and fermented soy. With 14 grams of protein, each serving of SPIRU-TEIN® is a high-protein energy meal. Each delicious flavor has been meticulously engineered to provide a broad range of minerals and an incredible 100% of the Daily Value of all vitamins.

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