Sleep with Melatonin, 90 Capsules

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Sleep, Pain, Anxiety, Addiction recovery 


Sleep is a sleep aid or deep relaxation formula that can be used as a general sedative and for pain. It is a Valerian formula (see Valerian monograph) that combines the best herbal sedatives with Melatonin. Sleep impacts the central nervous system to slow it down. There are various reasons why one may have insomnia. Valerian and Hops are deep central nervous system sedatives that make one sleepy while Skullcap is more of a peripheral nerve ending pain relaxing agent. Each cap or dropper full also contains a full serving of Melatonin, the hormone that one secretes to insure one's circadian rhythm is active and one can tell night from day and therefore go to sleep normally. This hormone can become deficient under daily stress. Sleep may help insomnia, anxiety, headaches, is a direct herbal painkiller, helps reduce emotional and mental trauma, muscle pain, emotional pain, addiction recovery, and assists in pain management. It can also assist jet lag, hyperactivity, and for those who need a Valium like herbal effect. Sleep is a central nervous system sedative that will slow down the mind and body and is best at night since it slows cognitive activity. If under great pain or anxiety, use it any time of day. It is a general skeletal muscle and smooth muscle (relaxes tubes of the body such as colon, urinary tract, bile duct, and uterus) relaxer, so it can help many kinds of abdominal pain. It can be used for physical pain after surgeries or injuries, menstrual cramps, cramping pain from passing a stone (kidney or gall bladder), gas pain, and headaches. It is indicated for pain on all levels. It can help take the edge off of emotional and mental pain. Sleep can make one feel groggy, so it is best used in the evening or when one can relax. Using Kava Gold during the day can help manage pain and anxiety during the day without becoming groggy. Use Sleep at night to help induce a better sleep that will help recovery time and to help have better energy the next day through having a good night's sleep. Overall, if the pain or discomfort is great, Sleep is the primary formula to use. Sleep can help one to come off alcohol, drug, cigarette, or other addictions that make one irritable and where sedation is helpful in the acute recovery phase. 

Size 90 Count
Servings per Container 45 
Servings Size 2 Veggie Caps
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 
2 Veggie Caps

Servings Per Container: 
Amount Per Serving
Valerian Root 500 mg
Hops Strobiles 150 mg
Skullcap Herb 100 mg
Passion Flower Herb 100 mg
California Poppy Herb 50 mg
Melatonin 6 mg
* Daily Value Not Established.
Other Ingredients:

Modified Vegetable Cellulose
+ Organic, > Ethically Wild Harvested

100% Gluten Free

Suggested Usage:

Take 1 - 2 caps 30 minutes before bedtime or as directed by a health care professional.

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