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Musc-Skel, 1 Fl Oz (30 mL) Liquid

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Muscle Pain, Fibromyalgia, Athletic workouts (to reduce recovery time), Injuries 

and Accidents, Overexertion


Musc-Skel has many uses. It helps diminish muscle and nerve pain and inflammation. Skullcap and St. John's Wort decrease the frequency the nerve sends a pain signal to the brain while Devil's Claw decreases inflammation. It can be used as a 

preventative, for immediate acute pain, and for chronic pain. 

Unlike a prescription pain medication (potentially addictive and toxic), this non-toxic and non-addictive approach will diminish pain but not paralyze the pain signal completely The goal is to keep the pain within the pain tolerance or threshold level that is tolerable so one can relax and heal fast. Musc-Skel may decrease the discomfort of 10-50% or more. By staying aware of the source of the problem, but staying within a tolerable level of discomfort by using Musc-Skel, one will be more able to gauge what physical activity one can do and not re-injure themselves further. For example, pain medication takes all pain away, one goes and works in the yard too vigorously, not feeling any discomfort, the medication wears off and one finds they have re-injured themselves more severely. Chronic pain can lead to depression and that is addressed with the St. John's Wort in the formula. As a specific for fibromyalgia and chronic pain disorders, Musc-Skel helps diminish pain and connective tissue inflammation. Use for injuries, traumas, car accidents, breaks, strains, sprains, athletic workouts that are painful, chiropractic adjustments that are painful, pain from deep body 

massage, arthritis, tension headaches, and anxiety.

Size 1 Fl Oz
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