Kali Phosphoricum, 30c Pellets

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Kali Phosphoricum 30C is ideal for stressed employees, multitasking individuals, and college students who need to be alert to address the task at hand. The single active ingredient is a homeopathic dilution of potassium phosphate and the pellets are caffeine-free. There are no known side effects, such as drowsiness. Nor will it inhibit sleep or interact with other medications or supplements. Kali phos will not mask symptoms of a more serious condition. Recommended for everyone ages 12 and up, these easy-to-take pellets melt under the tongue without water, chewing, or swallowing pills. The Boiron Kali Phosphoricum 30C Pellets Pack offers three multidose tubes of Kali phos 30C pellets for the price of two. With approximately 80 oral pellets per tube, this over-the-counter value pack provides approximately 48 doses. Boiron also offers Quietude® for occasional sleeplessness and Sedalia® for symptoms of stress.

Size 80 Pellets
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