FLEX-Able® Advanced with Glucosamine, 90 Capsules

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For many different people joint function is an important part of their overall health. As we age, a slowdown in joint mobility, comfort and flexibility may occur. But even for those who are physically fit and in the prime of their lives, joint health may be a concern. Not all those who lead active lifestyles get the type of joint support that they need for the everyday pressure we put on our joints. There are dozens of products to help support joint health in the joint conscious individual. Country Life’s FLEX Able® Advanced brings together 3 different prime ingredients known for supporting joint health.** Country Life’s FLEX Able® Advanced contains three clinically studied ingredients: UC-II® is a unique undenatured form of bioactive Type II Collagen. It is a new dietary Ingredient supported by multiple human clinical trials and numerous patents to support joint comfort, flexibility, and mobility.** UC-II is manufactured using a patented low heat process which preserves the structure of the Type II Collagen that may be destroyed or denatured in other types of Type II collagen on the market. This process makes it possible to support joint health with just 40 mg a day compared to comparable joint products that use a denatured type II Collagen at a suggested use of 2 to 4 grams per day.** Univestin® is a patented combination of extracts from two herbal plants and is clinically studied to support joint comfort.** The Univestin® plant extracts are enriched for two distinct types of bioflavonoids that were discovered to neutralize free radicals to support joint health.** Glucosamine is a naturally occurring structural component present in connective tissue, synovial fluid, and joints and is well known to support healthy joints.**

Size 90 Caps
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