Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Plus, 60 Softgels

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What Is Endothelial Defense Pomegranate Plus?

There is a thin layer of cells that line the insides of your blood vessels. It is called the vascular endothelium, and it’s absolutely essential to your cardiovascular health. This cellular layer is so important, we created a formula that focuses exclusively on providing it with focused nutritional support: Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Plus.

Protecting the endothelial cells that line your blood vessels is critical for maintaining lasting cardiovascular health.

Endothelial Defense™ Pomegranate Plus Benefits

  • Supportsendothelial cell health and function with pomegranate seed, flowerand fruit extract
  • Helpsmaintain blood vessel and circulatory health with Cardiose® sweet orangepeel extract
  • Encouragesnatural antioxidant production with new Extramel® melon pulpconcentrate
Form Softgels
Size 60 Softgels
UPC 737870249764
Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 softgel

Amount Per Serving



Total Fat

1.5 g

Total Carbohydrate

1 g

Protein<1 g

Cardiose® flavonoid glycoside[from immature sweet orange (peel)] [std.to 90% rutinoside]

500 mg

POMELLA® pomegranate extract (fruit) [std. to 30% punicalagins]

400 mg
Proprietarypomegranate blend (flower extract and seed oil) [std. to 22% punicic acid]137.5 mg

Pomegranate 5:1 extract (fruit)

100 mg

Extramel® melon pulp concentrate (fruit) [providing 500 IU of SODenzyme activity]

36 mg

Other ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, sunflower lecithin, purified water, beeswax, carob color, dextrin.


Cardiose® is a registered trademark of INTERQUIM, S.A. d.b.a. Ferrer HealthTech.
POMELLA® Extract is covered under U.S. Patent 7,638,640 and POMELLA® is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences, Inc.
Extramel® is a registered trademark of Bionov.

Dosage and Use
  • Take two (2) softgels daily before breakfast, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner
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