Calcarea Phosphorica 6X, 500 Tablets

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Relief of Fatigueand Sore Throats

Made to help the body access and utilize the essential mineral compound Calcium phosphate, the cell salt Calc. Phos. (Calcarea Phosphorica) offers gentle overall healing support as well as symptom specific relief including fatigue and sore throat pain. With Calc. Phos., you canhelp the body access what it needs to relieve fatigue and ease a range of sore throat symptoms from painful coughs to throats too sore to 'open up and say ah'.Tablets are flavorless and dissolve immediately without water for no upset stomach.

One of the 12 Mineral Homeopathic Cell Salts*

Cell salts satisfy mineral imbalances in the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing process.When your body lacks these important cell salts, you are more vulnerable to common health concerns.By replenishing them, your body is better prepared to treat illnesses and enjoy better overall wellness. Calc. Phos., the cell salt associated with nutrition, boosts the body’s ability to access other essential minerals that it needs to restore tone to what has been weakened by growth, injury, illness or everyday wear and tear.

Available in 6X potency;500 or 1000 Tablets and 30Xpotency; 500 Tablets.

Size 500 Tabs
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