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Black Cohosh, 90 Capsules

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Menopause, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Hot Flashes, Cramps, Birthing 

preparer, Delayed Labor 


Black Cohosh is a distinctive woman's remedy. It stimulates delayed menses as an emmenagogue while relaxing the muscles around the uterine area to help decrease 

menstrual cramps. It can help PMS symptoms and help to regulate a woman back into a more normal cycle. It can also help amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It is commonly combined with Chaste Tree Berry and Dan Qui Root. It is also a famous remedy in menopause. German studies show that Black Cohosh will diminish the negative side effects of menopause by improving neurovegetative symptoms such as hot flashes, perspiration, heart palpitations, nervousness and irritability, sleep problems and depression. Research suggests estrogenic activity in the alcoholic extract, inhibiting LH but not a follicle-stimulating hormone. Some research refutes estrogen activity and suggests neurotransmitter interference. It either fools the pituitary from looking for luteinizing hormone or actually inhibits LH. This results in a decrease in the above-mentioned symptoms and exerts a most positive effect on menopause. 

Black Cohosh has been used by Native Americans to assist in labor. If used in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy (week 38-40) or even later if one has gone beyond their due date, Black Cohosh will help to bring on strong pre-labor contractions and prepare the uterus for birth. It should not be used any earlier in pregnancy as it can cause a miscarriage. Black Cohosh is also effective for rheumatic, joint, and muscle pains. 

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