Arnicare® Ointment (Pain Relief), 1 oz (30 Grams)

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For those who bruise easily or often, including women, active adults and children, seniors, and users of certain medications, there’s Boiron Arnicare Bruise.

This homeopathic medicine is made from mountain daisies (Arnica montana). The cooling gel spot treats the discoloration, swelling, and pain of tender and unsightly black-and-blue marks,* including those resulting after surgeries or cosmetic procedures. It’s best when used soon after impact. This non-greasy, water-based formula is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving no residue. It’s free of fragrances, dyes, and parabens. Great for bruises on legs.

Boiron’s pain relief includes Arnicare Gel, Cream, Ointment, Tablet, and an arthritis pain formula.

Size 1 Oz
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