Air-Power, 100 Tablets

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When is an expectorant useful?

Whenever you needbronchial support.

As we all know, chest congestion can hit any time of the year. Having aconvenient expectorant handy when you need clear bronchial airways lets you breathe easy at the office, or a day at the park.

Why use Air-Power®?

It clears bronchial airways and helps loosen phlegm.

Air-Power contains the active ingredient glycerol guaiacolate, in a base of herbs and other ingredients. This formula helps make coughs more productive by helping loosen excess phlegm (mucus) from respiratory airways due to bronchial irritations.

It's convenient.

Because Air-Power is a tablet, there's no fuss. Plus, you don't have to worry about a bottle that can leak all over your backpack or bag. It can be used by the whole family.

Size 100 Tabs
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