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Diruetic, 1 Fl Oz (30 mL) Liquid

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Urinary tract infections, Edema, Cleansing, Kidney Stones 


Diuretic/Kidney Complex is a formula for urinary tract infections that are either acute (recent and short term) or are chronic (ongoing and long term). The Uva Ursi is germicidal in the urinary tract. Juniper and Myrrh are also strong antibacterial herbs for the urinary tract. It is important to increase the flow of urine to wash out the urinary tract. This is manifested with the addition of Dandelion, Nettle, and also Uva Ursi. It helps to drink large amounts of water as well. The Marshmallow is a 

soothing herb to the mucosa of the urinary tract to help decrease pain and discomfort. Some urinary tract infections are stubborn, so adding Oregano Oil or the Echinacea 

& Goldenseal formula will help. stubborn and recurring urinary tract infections are the result of urine that is not acidic enough (it is alkaline). Healthy urine has an acid pH and if the urine becomes alkaline, E Coli can proliferate and create an infection. In this case, use Diuretic with a cranberry supplement. Cranberry acidifies the urine and makes bacteria less able to adhere to the mucosal walls in the urinary tract. E 

Coli cannot exist in an acid environment. Diuretic/Kidney Complex can also be used to help assist in the passage of kidney stones. It will help increase the volume Of urine, which will help to wash out the stones. 

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