What Is Health – How to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

by Peach Vitamins / Feb 19, 2020
What Is Health – How to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

We all want to attain perfect health, so we can enjoy every moment of our life with our friends or families. But do we really know the meaning of perfect health, how to achieve it, how to attain it, how to preserve it? So please join me and I'm going to be discussing a little bit about what is involved in activities that are involved in attaining this perfect health.

The dictionary defines health as being in a state without a disease or illness. So let's take a little deeper look at that. If we are without illness or disease, we are healthy, but lets, let's define perfect health or health without the disease being at this level. And if we are below here we are in disease, but if we are above, we are in perfect health.

But do we want to be just as close to that as getting a disease?

01:09 Meaning, do we want to be in a state where if I do not do things right or eating's right. That I may fall into an area where they're, why have the disease, which is where most people are? But we want to be really way above where we are beyond getting any disease or feeling vibrant and feeling alive and feeling euphoria.

So let's take a look at what is really involved to be at that level. I believe being vibrant or in that euphoria, moment is when you start getting goosebumps. Have you ever gotten goosebumps?

Maybe you are listening to an old song or watching an old movie and you've got these goosebumps because it relates directly to your heart and you get this feeling. So I think at that point you are in that vibrancy or you are in that euphoria. It could be that you achieve something in your life and you are in that moment where you're like, wow, this is what I needed.

02:08 This was what came food forward for me and I'm happy. So we want to be at that level because, at that level, every cell, billions of cells in our body is performing to its peak, meaning it's performing. His duty is performing. What is meant to do, what is intelligently meant to do to take care of yourself because everybody is an individual.

Everybody's on their own and everybody has different needs. So when you are at that level, your whole body chemically, physically is performing at that level and that's where we want to be. So let's take a closer look at what is really involved in Luci being at that level.

We all human beings are made of these three basic pillars, which is the subconscious mind or soul, which is the energy that's running within us and the conscious, the mind, which is the intellect, which helps us decide.

03:02 And of course the physical body which is made of all these trillions of cells that are synergistically working together. When all of these three pillars are in a balanced window communicating with each other. I think that's where we are in vibrancy, in euphoria, in perfect health.

So let's just take a deeper look. What is really involved to bring these in balance during our lifespan, every 50 trillion cells in our body is like a battery. It holds our charge, so that means our whole body consistent in all of these charges is basically an electric charge, which is basically our soul. If the electric charge is removed, we die.

The soul is the provider of all this energy into our minds and then which relates to our physical body and our sense organs. So we have to make sure these systems are working synergistically together, where the energy flow is moving smoothly between the three systems to maintain this perfect health, this perfect euphoria.

04:08 Now this energy flow between these pillars can be restricted or it can be abundant depending on us and affords the environment we are in the people we surround ourselves with being positive, being negative or the situations we are in. How do we handle this where they suck all this energy out of us and keep us out of balance basically out of homeo status. Therefore, this energy keeps changing depending on the situation.

Health is basically not a destination. It's a constant journey. Where we have to adapt to our situations, the bacteria around us, our thought, our environment, so we could adapt.

And as we adapt synergistically, we create this vibrancy. The more via adapt, the more situation we are in, where we are in vibrancy, the better the health is, the more we are keeping chronic diseases away from within us. So the gold should be how do we understand when these are off and when these are not in balance and how can we bring them back into balance?

05:16 Of course, meditation, yoga, being doing happy things, being positive, surrounding yourself with positive people. These are the things that will bring these three things. Your diet, what you eat and what you breed, what your drink on, what are the people you surround yourself with.

So all these things do matter in bringing that perfect health, bringing that perfect home is status and that perfect synergistic energy flow throughout over system. Soul of course, as the first pillar and it's, it's, it's, it's in the causal plane. It is the life force within us. Uh, the God within us.

It's the ultimate energy that keeps this body going. Modality we wither away or we die. It knows exactly what we need for or betterment. I know exactly what to do.

Every cell in the body has this unique or this, this powerful intelligence where it knows exactly what needs to be done.

06:19 When situations change, when the environment changes, so we have to know how to trust it. Have a belief, has to be where we trust this fraction of the cosmos that's within us, that guides us. The soul, of course, is the first pillar, the main pillar, which is the ultimate energy within us.

The God within us is the fraction of the cosmos that's within us that guides us. Without it, we wither away or get cold, and we die. It provides every cell of our bodies to know exactly what needs to be done for survival and to adapt to the different changes that happen in an environment or internally.

We have to trust this intelligence. We are beliefs that have to be strong, that it is within us. The power is within us to heal ourselves of any illness, ailment or issues or diseases that we go through in our lives.

07:14 We have to have that core belief that this God, that this power, that this ultimate energy is made to guide us, to help us our every individual body in the right way. It will never lead us to a street and it does not fall to any diseases like our mind and our physical body.

So it is, and if the only way to listen to this is with silence, solitude, and stillness, which we basically call meditations. So just please have some feet in yourself, feet in your body, feet. And every cell that it is able to manage it is able to control.

It is able to adapt to your environment into changes, but it does need his help through the mind and what we eat, what we breathe, and what we see through our sense organs. So let's just at least believe in that we have the power to give, get rid of all the elements and the illnesses we come across in our daily lives.

08:20 The second pillar is the mind, which is just in between the soul and our bodies. So it relieves the information from the soul to our bodies. It collects all the information through our sensory organs and puts them in a memory bank, which is used later on for us to make the right decisions.

It gives us the wisdom, the intellect, where we pick up, and we learn and increase our knowledge or situations. And it helps the body adapt to our, um, environment. So it is very important to calm the mind of all the depression, the anxiety, the sadness, and all the different ups and downs of different emotions.

So we can relay the information smoothly, far more sore, which is the heart, front to the mind. And then of course, to the body, so we can create a perfect action or do things that are better meant for our bodies.

09:20 Basically, a positive mind brings positive actions. And the last layer, of course, is the, our physical bodies. This is where what matters, what we eat, what we drink when we bleed, and what we eliminate. These are the annual daily habits as we feed our body rich and do feeds our brain, which does feed our soul, our heart.

So all of these have to be in balance. It is not only about what we eat if we eat organic, but also how we relay the information through our senses. What we see, what we hear, what we taste, what we smell. So if those things are coming in positive things that are coming in through all of our senses, then the mind builds, makes a positive decision or calling to what we need, what the individual needs.

Not everybody, but what this body needs. So we have to have the trust with our hearts and make the right decisions and of course take the right actions with our body, our life as a whole.

10:26 It's made up of the body, the mind and pure conscious disease are basically psychological and physiological. The soul does not carry any disease and is just a witness. All of these have to be in balance for us to be healthy.

But situations change, emotions run up and down. So we have to understand that health is not just a destination, but a journey that we have to go through on a daily basis and try to pick up these points here and there and understand that we are out of balance either in your minds or your soul or your bodies to the decisions we're making and adjust accordingly.

And that I feel is perfect and good health. Illness in the mind can affect the physical body and just like the mind affects the physical body, the changes in your physical body and the chemical imbalances can affect the mind.

11:32 The body and the mind are never suffered. The effect each other. Just like if you are hungry and there is no food in your stomach, you start feeling anxious. You may start feeling a little wheezy.

You may start feeling old but miserable. And just like if you do not sleep well and you have anxiety that causes nausea in your stomach. So both are interrelated and these boats can fall into the diseases.

So a nourishing diet and daily routines and well balanced emotional mind can give us the strength and the immunity to fight all diseases or any ailments that we encounter in our lives.

12:18 We all have this innate desire to find our purpose, to find our karma in life and of course to be successful in every aspect of our life and also to enjoy what this life in this earth has to give us. We also have, of course, to live longer to attain anti-aging and at the end to be with a creator, God, and the cosmos.

That's why the mind and the body are used or given to us by our career as a tool, so we can attain these things. So it's not only about just eating organic or taking a supplement or exercising, we have to consider the mind, our perception of things, how we handle things, how we take decisions, and of course our faith, our soul.

So please join me causing me Mike as I am called these things in my own life as a fine balance between my soul and my mind and my body. And so I could share these with you and I wish everyone best of health, prosperity, and happiness. Thank you.