Safflower Oil Weight Reduction - Belly Fat Transformation

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
Safflower Oil Weight Reduction - Belly Fat Transformation

Safflower Oil Weight Reduction - What is Belly Fat?


Belly fat primarily comprises visceral, or omentum, fat. This fat is different than subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch). Experts agree that omentum fat is the least desirable fat on the body when it comes to supporting good health and safflower oil weight reduction may be the solution to fix physical challenge. The loss of belly fat in both men and women can promote overall health.

How Much Belly Fat is Too Much?


Measure your waist across your belly button. Total inches should be half of your height or less.2 Example: If you are 5’6” or 66 inches, your waist should be 33 inches or less.


Safflower Oil Weight Loss - The Science Behind High-Linoleic Safflower Oil


Ohio State University conducted a 16-week double-blind controlled study of high-linoleic safflower oil (SAF). They studied post-menopausal women who had high blood sugar and wanted to lose weight. These participants showed an average reduction of 6.3 percent belly fat and an average of 20.3 percent increase in the important belly fat hormone adiponectin. Belly fat measured by DXA:SAF group reduced an average of 6.3 percent belly fat. Some saw reductions of up to 9.4 percent belly fat. Adiponectin: Levels of this important belly fat hormone increased an average of 20.3 percent.


Study participants obtained results with no modifications to exercise or diet regimen.