Raspberry Ketones - Weight Loss Miracle or Media Hype?

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
Raspberry Ketones - Weight Loss Miracle or Media Hype?

Proven Benefits Of The Raspberry Ketones

Recent interest in claims that the raspberry ketones supplement has potent fat burning properties has doubters asking "Where’s the research?" and believers saying "here are the results!" which begs the question—should dieters wait for conclusive scientific evidence that a fat burning supplement actually does work before trying it out?

Interest in raspberry ketone supplements originate from a 1995 study published in the journal Life Sciences where Japanese researchers reported their findings that mice on a high fat diet supplemented with a raspberry ketone supplement were protected from obesity.

What caused researchers to look at raspberry ketones for anti- obesity effects was its structural similarity to capsaicin (from cayenne pepper) and synephrine (from bitter orange peel) -- two other compounds known to exert anti-obese actions and alter the lipid metabolism -- raspberry ketone has been studied in both animals and in vitro ( test-tube) for these effects.

Why Use Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplements?

The researchers of the study determined that raspberry ketones provided protection from obesity in mice by significantly increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis associated with the translocation of hormone-sensitive lipase from the cytosol to lipid droplets in white fat cells. In other words, raspberry ketones induce cells to burn stored fat.

On the Dr. Oz show, weight loss expert and dietician Lisa Lynn illustrates the benefits of raspberry ketones.  She did this by showing before and after images of patients of hers.  They lost significant amounts of weight that they attributed to adding raspberry ketone supplements to their diet plans.  However, there are no human clinical trials that can quantitatively support or discount the fat burning effects of raspberry ketones on the body.

Raspberry ketones are aromatic compounds of the red raspberry that give them their scent and flavor.  According to the FDA, raspberry ketones qualify as a substance under GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for human consumption.

Can Raspberry Ketones Really Help You Lose Weight?

One of the primary tenets of medicine is to first do no harm.  The art of medicine is knowing how to meet the needs of particular patients who may benefit from non-science backed guidance.  This holds true as long as it causes no harm.

Knowing the exact scientific truth of whether a supplement does or does not burn fat may be irrelevant.

Aside from a counter argument that dieters who buy these products in hopes of losing weight are being duped by the supplement industry, as long as the buyer is sufficiently mentally capable of understanding the facts, shouldn't it be the choice of the individual? Can we not see more redeeming character in someone who at least attempts to lose weight?  What about someone who does not try?

It is human nature to dismiss something as hokum as it is to believe that something is true.  What works for one person, may not work for another.  Claims of the fat burning properties of burning raspberry ketones may not have sufficient supporting scientific evidence.  However, what they do have is the drive of people who want to improve their health.