Hay Fever Treatment Solutions for Allergy Season

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
Hay Fever Treatment Solutions for Allergy Season

Hay Fever: How to Reduce The Symptoms Of Hay Fever

It's never too early to start thinking about preparing for allergy season in Atlanta. This is especially true for those of us who predictably suffer the agonizing symptoms of hay fever every year. It's hard to fully appreciate the degree of abject irritation caused by allergies until you experience for yourself the constantly dripping sinuses that can't seem to extinguish the burning fire in your nose. It can drive a person to try just about anything to make it stop.

In hay fever, activated immune cells needlessly form a "memory" of a perceived invader by producing antibodies to otherwise harmless pollen. At each successive exposure to the specific trigger pollen, the antibodies trigger the release of histamines and other compounds into the blood. An inflammatory response is triggered in the respiratory tract in the nasal sinuses and eyes. This localized inflammatory response results in congested nasal sinus veins, prolific nasal discharges (rhinitis), sneezing and itchy, red, watery eyes.

Symptoms And Causes of Hay Fever

Outside of moving to a different region or wearing a mask, it is virtually impossible to avoid breathing the trigger pollen. It is also very difficult to completely ward off hay fever, but there are some things you can do to ease symptoms and make the season more tolerable.

Healthy digestion and maintaining robust gut flora are cornerstones for reducing allergy severity. Some people find that reductions in dairy, citrus and carbohydrates and adding extra garlic and onions to the diet may have some benefit. Lastly, it is important to maintain normal healthy liver function and to support the adrenals in cases of stress. Digestive Bitters Compound, Healthy Liver Tonic™ and Adrenal Support Tonic™ may be useful in specific areas of weakness.

Hay Fever And Allergies Holistic Approaches

An immune-modulating formula such as Immune Defense Tonic™ should be used to help support the immune system.  If you have annually recurring hay fever, this can be done each year for two months leading up to hay fever season.  This is a far more effective strategy than waiting until allergy season has begun.

Herbs such as Echinacea and Astragalus help to balance and moderate the state of immune function.  Astragalus was recently found to be an effective component in treatment of allergic rhinitis. Other ingredients in this tonic are Reishi, Schisandra and Prickly Ash.

Pollen Defense™ Compound is the primary symptomatic remedy in a comprehensive allergy treatment protocol. Eyebright relieves secretion of watery, burning discharges from eyes and nose. Goldenseal is valuable in the treatment of sub-acute and chronic inflammation of mucous membranes.

Horseradish is a pungent and dispersive decongestant of the nasal sinuses. Nettle seed is an effective astringent, anti- inflammatory and antihistamine agent in disorders with free secretions. Finally, Yarrow is an aromatic astringent, relieving local and general congestion.

Rue/Fennel Compound can bring fast relief to itchy eyes. Mix 5 to 15 drops in an ounce of pure water or sterile saline solution and use in an eyewash cup several times per day. Hold the filled cup over your open eye and tilt your head back.

Rinse for a full minute, moving your eye in all directions to facilitate rinsing. This can bring immediate relief to itchy eyes. In addition to Rue and Fennel, the other herbs in this compound are Eyebright, Goldenseal and Mullein.

Adjunct Remedies for Hay Fever Treatment

Adjunct remedies are often critical in the fight against hay fever.  Trial and error can involve fine-tuning your ideal treatment program.  Specific adjunct remedies can be used concurrently with Pollen Defense™ Compound to enhance its actions.

  • Butterbur acts as an antihistamine agent to reduce the release of histamines in your blood, which trigger the allergic response.
  • Stinging Nettle Blend taken concurrently with the Eyebright/Nettle Compound will boost the effect of the Nettle seed's antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Turmeric/Chamomile Compound is a useful adjunct in further reducing inflammation.
  • Friar's Balsam is highly effective as a decongestant steam. Place a dropperful into hot, steaming (not boiling) water and inhale deeply.

Start using Immune Defense Tonic™ before allergy season to help fine- tune your immune system.  When symptoms occur, use Pollen Defense™ Compound as the core of your seasonal allergy protocol. Add adjunct remedies as needed to find the combination that works best for you.

Hay fever is unpredictable and frequently responds well to minor variations in a treatment plan. Always remember the external remedies.  They take a bit of work and the payoff is remarkable.

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