Glucomannan & PGX: Hunger Control Fiber

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
Glucomannan & PGX: Hunger Control Fiber

Glucomannan – Also Known as Konjac Mannan Root as found in PGX

Soluble fibers such as Glucomannan offer many health-promoting benefits through their ability to form a soft gel with water. Research indicates that soluble fibers help lower blood cholesterol, slow glucose absorption, and promote regular bowel movements. While found in many sources such as fruits, vegetables, oats, and beans, the most-promising soluble fiber may come from Glucomannan. Derived from konjac root, Glucomannan has an extraordinary water-holding capacity and is the most viscous of all known dietary fibers.


Glucomannan offers benefits for those seeking to lose weight. Studies show that supplementing with glucomannan enhances the weight-loss effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Glucomannan may promote weight loss in obese adults, even in the absence of a calorie-restricted diet.

When obese adults consumed 1 gram of glucomannan fiber one hour before each meal for eight weeks, they lost an average of 5.5 pounds of body weight—with no other changes to their eating or exercise patterns.

Glucomannan creates a feeling of satiety or fullness through its water-binding effects. By creating a thick gel, glucomannan delays gastric emptying.  It also slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream.  This helps to lower levels of insulin and blood glucose. Additionally, it improves blood-lipid profiles as well as lower systolic blood pressure.

About Glucomannan as found in PGX

PGX® (PolyGlycopleX®), is a novel complex of water-soluble polysaccharides (plant fibers) from Glucomannan root. It was developed after many years of research.  Most of it focused on the link between blood sugar levels, appetite, and weight gain. PGX safely and effectively supports healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges.  It also reduces appetite and helps inhibits weight gain.

To understand how one product can do so much you need to understand the link between blood sugar, appetite and weight gain. Blood sugar levels go up and down during the day, for example, after meals. When blood sugar levels are low, the brain signals the body to eat, resulting in food cravings and appetite.

To lose weight effectively, appetite needs to be addressed. To many this involves trying to suppress appetite, but this is a short-term, ineffective solution. For long term success, appetite needs to be positively addressed through healthy blood sugar levels.

This root helps to address appetite thereby helping you control weight. It has also been proven to to support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Why Choose This Herb as found in PGX?

It can be difficult to know which product to trust. It can be even more difficult to be sure that the product you choose will work for you and provide you with the results you seek. There is no shortage of products that claim to help with blood sugar, cholesterol, and especially weight loss.

This herb is safe, derived from natural products and sources.  Nine different clinical trials prove its effectiveness. If you struggle with the smaller portions and constant hunger of being on a diet, PGX® can help. If you are looking for a safe and natural way to help support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels while you achieve weight control, Glucomannan can help.

How Glucomannan as found in PGX Works

PGX® is available as a softgel capsule or in granular form. You can take it before meals with a large glass of water.  As you eat your meal, the root absorbs the water.  It also mixes with your food to become a gel-like matrix that expands and builds a viscosity that slows digestion.  

The volume and the viscosity properties of this herb are the result of its proprietary composition.  In fact, the volume and viscosity of the gel matrix handles the powerful benefits that Glucomannan is able to exert on your behalf.

PGX® from the root is simple to use.  You can incorporate into your daily meals and lifestyle with ease. Read more to learn how Glucomannan as found in PGX® can correct your appetite to help you control weight, and support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels - all this while also being incredibly safe.