CocoaWell: Nature's Richest Superfruit

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
CocoaWell:  Nature's Richest Superfruit

CocoaWell:  The Rhythm Of Life Is Head Over Heels For Cocoa Beans

Scientists have found that cocoa consumption offers remarkable benefits for healthy aging. CocoaWell is the first formula to combine organic whole-food cocoa with Pure Plant Flavanols in a single serving. Clinical studies suggest that cocoa and plant flavonols may help support healthy blood pressure, increased energy, and improved mental acuity.* Indulge in the wonderful health properties of cocoa without the saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories associated with chocolate.

Cocoa and the Kuna

The Kuna tribe of coastal Panama, who have a low incidence of high blood pressure and heart conditions, drink up to five cups of cocoa a day and, according to university studies, they experience 1/9 the rate of heart disease as their neighbors on the mainland and are able to maintain healthy blood pressure as they age. This culture devotes their lives to cocoa. Their practice of drinking cocoa like water has blessed them with the healthiest hearts in the world.

High Potency Flavonol Compound

CocoaWell gives you the health benefits of five cups of cocoa without added sugar or fat. A single serving of CocoaWell™ delivers 700 mg of organic cocoa powder, enhanced by a powerful patent-pending blend of Pure Plant Flavanols such as green tea and acacia catechu, EGCG, epicatechins and catechins. These potent catechin flavonols are among the most researched of all phytonutrients.

Organic Whole Food Cocoa

Organic sourcing ensures that CocoaWell's cocoa is produced using raw, non-GMO beans without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Fair Trade

Surprisingly only 1% of all cocoa is considered fair trade.  Accordingly, CocoaWell is dedicates its mission to the overall improvement of farmer livelihoods.  They also conduct responsible business by sourcing the purest fair trade organic cocoa.

CocoaWell™ with Pure Plant Flavanols is available here at Peach Vitamins, discount price of course. If you're seeking to improve heart and brain function and want to benefit from cocoa's mood boosting benefits*, come by and check out this amazing whole food cocoa product today!

* The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate these statements.  These products does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.