Cellular Support for Healthy Body Weight

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021
Cellular Support for Healthy Body Weight

Accomplish Healthy Body Weight Loss

If you're struggling to maintain healthy body weight, you're not alone. Up to 65% of Americans face the same challenge.  Even a modest increase in fat pounds can have an impact on overall health, especially when it's stubborn belly or visceral fat.

The problem is that conventional methods to combat age-related changes that predispose us to gain weight have proven ineffective. Adjustments in diet and lifestyle alone are often not enough. But there is hope.

In a significant scientific advance, a potent new weapon has been identified to help safely induce weight loss, a novel dual plant extract that favorably modulates six pathways that fat cells use to trigger weight gain.

Scientists investigating these plant extracts found they can block fat storage at the cellular level. In a placebo-controlled study, those taking this dual plant extract lost 4.05 inches of abdominal fat and dropped 11.4 pounds after eight weeks with weight loss observed as early as 14 days.

How Unwanted Fat Storage Occurs

Cells that store fat are called adipocytes. They are deposited throughout our bodies. As we age, adipocytes tend to expand and congregate in areas that are cosmetically unsightly and detrimental to our health.

Of greatest concern are the adipocytes that deposit deep in our abdomens. This “visceral fat” represents more than fat stored on our waistlines. Visceral fat is chemically active tissue that churns out a torrent of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Those with bulging belly fat suffer constant bombardment from toxic cytokines that trigger this metabolic syndrome. The widespread problem led scientists to seek out plant extracts that specifically interfere with fat storage in our abdominal anatomy.

Excess calories transform to fat deposits in adipocytes through a multi-step process known as adipogenesis. When fewer calories are consumed, fat is released from adipocytes to meet the body’s energy needs.This is known as lipolysis.

Adipocytes develop from undifferentiated stem cells. Premature fat cells are called pre-adipocytes. When you ingest more calories than your body needs, “young” pre-adipocytes respond by maturing into “adult” adipocytes.

Adult” adipocytes take up excess fatty acids from your bloodstream and begin expanding. Every excess calorie contributes to the maturation and growth of fat cells in this way. Past a certain point, adipocytes distend and become bloated, much in the same way your belly does.

Not all adipocytes are the same. While fat cells distribute throughout your body, those that store in your abdomen are more than just storage “containers.” Belly fat cells are chemically active. They form fatty tissue capable of releasing detrimental pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The mass of excess visceral fat deposits generates a pro-inflammatory flood of cytokines. So unwanted body fat storage happens when pre-adipocyte stem cells mature in order to store excess dietary fat (adipogenesis) while the ability to break down stored fat (lipolysis) diminishes.

Searching for natural interventions that would effectively inhibit fat accumulation (adipogenesis) and enhance fat burning (lipolysis), scientists evaluated more than a thousand plants for evidence that would meet this criteria.

Two plant extracts which had significant biological effects were: Sphaeranthus indicus flower and Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana). In the laboratory, S. indicus and mangosteen extracts both powerfully impeded adipogenesis.

Combating Surplus Body Fat Storage

When cells were treated with S. indicus alone, fat storage was inhibited by as much as 65%, compared with control cells. Photographs (above) show a markedly visible difference between the two cell groups. The control cells show a bloated, “foamy” appearance, bulging with fat droplets, compared to the smaller, more naturally contoured cells treated with the S. indicus extract.

Each of these extracts also enhanced lipolysis (or fat burning), by as much as 56% compared to control cells. Having identified these unifying properties in the two extracts, the researchers set out to determine if they would exhibit enhanced effects when used in combination.


They found that the S. indicus and mangosteen extracts favorably modulate the activity of six genomic pathways involved in fat cell formation and breakdown. Remarkably, these extracts reduced gene expression that promotes adipogenesis while favorably influencing a gene involved in desirable lipolysis. Thus they modulated the markers involved in unwanted cellular fat accumulation by inhibiting adipogenesis and promoting lipolysis.  

Given these observations, researchers recognized that this novel blend of plant extracts could result in significant weight loss via three distinct mechanisms:

  1. Preventing “young” fat cells (pre-adipocytes) from developing into “mature” fat cells (adipocytes);
  2. Reducing the amount of fatty acids adipocytes could absorb;
  3. Speeding breakdown of bloated adipocytes’ existing fat stores.


Weight Loss Findings in Humans

To evaluate the effects of these two plant extracts, 60 obese adults were recruited and divided into two groups. One arm of 30 patients functioned as the placebo group while a second group of 30 patients received 800 mg per day of a combination of the two plant extracts.Both groups followed a 2,000-calorie- per-day diet and were asked to walk 30 minutes five days a week.

At the end of eight weeks, the group receiving the two plant extracts showed the following improvements:

  1. Reduction in total body weight of 11.4 pounds. This was 3.7 times greater than the placebo group.
  2. Reduction of 4.05 inches in the abdomen. This was 2 times greater than the placebo group.
  3. Reduction in body mass index (BMI) of 2.05. A decrease 3.9 times greater than the placebo group.

In addition to the favorable results seen at eight weeks, researchers were impressed with the reduction in waist and hip circumference, as well as lost body weight that occurred within the first 14 days! In fact after only two weeks, the average weight reduction was 4.6 pounds.

At eight weeks, the dual plant extract group showed reduction in the waist-to-hip ratio that was 2.2 times greater than the placebo group. This is an important improvement as it indicates dangerous visceral belly fat is being lost.

These findings are supported by a second, similarly designed trial involving 60 obese subjects. They were divided into three groups that consisted of a placebo arm, an active arm receiving one plant extract, and another active arm that received a dual plant extract. All participants followed a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet and were asked to walk for 30 minutes five times a week for 8 weeks.

After eight weeks the group receiving the dual plant extract experienced statistically significant changes in their abdominal circumference, total body weight, and hip circumference similar to those seen in the first study mentioned above.

These confirmatory findings indicate that this novel dual plant extract may enable aging humans to safely shed unwanted body fat stores. No major adverse events or side effects were reported in either study.


Obesity arises from the increased size of individual adipocytes (fat cells) due to enhanced lipid (fat) accumulation. It worsens as greater numbers of pre-adipocytes transform into dysfunctional, bloated adipocytes.

A novel blend of plant extracts containing  Sphaeranthus indicus flower (S. indicus) and Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) has been shown to favorably influences six distinct pathways by which fat cells trigger weight gain.

In cell culture, these plant extracts reduce the ability of progenitor fat cells (pre-adipocytes) to transform into bloated fat cells. These studies also show that components of this dual plant extract reduce the amount of fatty acids taken up by adipocytes (adipogenesis) and facilitate the breakdown (lipolysis) of fat stored in existing adipocytes.

In a placebo-controlled clinical trial involving obese humans, this blend of S. indicus and mangosteen plant extracts safely induced weight loss of 11.4 pounds, along with a decline of 2.05 in body mass index (BMI) and a reduction of 4.05 inches in unwanted visceral fat.

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