Best Curcumin Supplement Rivals Exercise for Cardiovascular Health

by Peach Vitamins / May 04, 2021

The Best Curcumin Supplement - What Are The Benefits of Taking Curcumin?


The best curcumin supplement, a chemical that naturally occurs in turmeric root, may protect against the cardiovascular effects of aging as much as moderate aerobic exercise, according to a trio of studies conducted by researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Turmeric root has been an important component of traditional Asian medicinal systems for hundreds of years. In recent decades, scientific studies have confirmed the potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the trio of turmeric chemicals known as "curcuminoids," which give the root its distinctive yellow-orange color. Although only one of these chemicals is properly known as "curcumin," the name refers to all of them collectively.

Now, the results of three clinical trials appear to add improved artery function – a key aspect of vascular health – to the list of potential curcumin benefits. The three new studies all compared the effects of exercise and curcumin on heart health and postmenopausal women over an eight-week period. In all three trials, daily curcumin supplements improved known risk factors for cardiovascular health just as much as moderate aerobic exercise did. All the studies were double-blind and placebo-controlled.

"Regular ingestion of curcumin could be a preventive measure against cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women," the authors of the first studies wrote. "Furthermore, our results suggest that curcumin may be a potential alternative ... for patients who are unable to exercise."


What Is Curcumin Used To Treat?


In the first study, researchers assigned 32 women to either take a curcumin supplement, engage in moderate aerobic exercise training, or undergo no intervention at all. The researchers measured participants' vascular endothelial function - the responsiveness of the layer of cells that line the blood vessels, a key indicator of overall cardiovascular health - both at the beginning and end of the study.  While there was no improvement in the control group, endothelial function significantly increases in both the exercise and curcumin groups. Most surprisingly, the improvement in the two experimental groups was identical.


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Effects of Curcumin on Arterial Response


The second study examined curcumin's effects on the responsiveness of arteries to changes in blood pressure ("arterial compliance").  This is another key measure of cardiovascular health.  Thirty-two women were randomly assigned to receive either a curcumin supplement or a placebo pill.  The second group had to undergo an exercise routine plus either a curcumin or placebo pill.  The researchers found no significant improvement in the control group.  There were significant (and equivalent) improvements in both the exercise-only and curcumin-only groups.  The greatest improvement was among participants who exercised and also took the supplements.


Effects of Curcumin on Blood-Pumping Pressure


Researchers examined the effects of exercise and curcumin on the rate of age-related degeneration of the heart's left ventricle.  Forty-five participants were put into one of the same four groups used in the second study. The researchers once again found that both exercise and curcumin produced significant increases in heart health. In this study; however, curcumin alone did not appear to provide any benefit. Specifically, brachial systolic blood pressure (SBP) decreased among participants who exercised, whether or not they took curcumin. In addition, heart-rate-corrected aortic augmentation index (AIx) and aortic SBP both decreased significantly. The biggest changes were participants who both exercised and took curcumin.


Can Turmeric Be Harmful? Choose Your Curcumin Carefully


One should note that curcumin extracted from turmeric is not well absorbed.  In fact, the curcumin in conventional 95%-curcumin dietary supplements is very poorly absorbed.  This is even less well-absorbed than the curcumin in fresh turmeric root. There are, however, several formulations of turmeric and curcumin which can absorb six to seven times better than the curcumin. This is in most of the conventional  95%-curcumin dietary supplements. If you have any further questions about curcumin from turmeric, come by Peach Vitamins today or gives us a call at 404-266-9115 and our knowledgeable staff of nutritional supplement professionals will be happy to help you.